A bicycle maker created an electric 4-wheeled vehicle that bridges the gap between cars and e-bikes — see Canyon’s ‘Future Mobility Concept’ | DailyExchange
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A bicycle maker created an electric 4-wheeled vehicle that bridges the gap between cars and e-bikes — see Canyon’s ‘Future Mobility Concept’


Canyon Future Mobility Concept vehicle

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Bicycle maker Canyon has unveiled the Future Mobility Concept, a sustainable concept vehicle that can be driven in both car and bike lanes.

Canyon partnered with the Technical University of Aachen in Germany for the design, and the final product of this teamwork resulted in the combination of an electric bicycle and a car that can glide into the bike lane when in the car lane is too backed up.

Canyon’s new concept four-wheeler was designed to combat the world’s increasing traffic congestion and pollution issues. By planning a concept vehicle that is both low emissions and able to bridge mobility issues prevalent in both transport methods — cars and its unavoidable traffic issues, and bicycles and its lack of weather-proofing — Canyon was able to design a versatile vehicle reminiscent of a recumbent bike.

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The vehicle uses a lightweight bicycle design in conjunction with the traditional four wheels and weather-proof body found on all cars.

Despite inspiration points taken from both bikes and cars, the concept vehicle functions more similarly to an electric bicycle than an actual car, according to its maker.

Source: Canyon

The passenger area — called the “capsule” — can be sealed, protecting the driver from the outside elements.

However, like a convertible, the capsule’s cover can be slightly opened in the “open ” for fresh air while driving.

There is also space behind the driver for cargo storage or a child around 4.86 feet tall.

A designated smartphone holder is located between the legs of the driver. The phone can then be used for navigation, or synced to the vehicle for control of its “main functions,” according to its maker.

In order to accomplish the dual bike and car lane capabilities, the concept vehicle’s speed limits can be switched between “road” and “bike” mode.

The functions of the vehicle resemble a recumbent bicycle, according to Canyon.

The Future Mobility Concept uses side-stick steering with two joysticks on the driver’s left and right sides, respectively.

Like any bicycle, the driver needs to pedal in order to move the vehicle forward.

The vehicle measures at around 2.72-foot wide and 3.61-foot tall, and sits on wheel wells that are flared out.

According to its makers, the Future Mobility Concept has a “tidy silhouette” and a “light” looking body.

The little four-wheeler has a 22.97-foot turning radius …

… and weighs around 209.44 pounds.

In total, the concept vehicle — which is powered by a rechargeable 2,000-watt-hour battery — has a planned minimum range of about 93 miles, although its maker claims this range could double.

Like any traditional car, the concept driver is equipped with front and rear lights, as well as windshield wipers and heaters.

For safety, the roll-over-structured vehicle comes with a seatbelt and front shock absorbers.

The Future Mobility Concept vehicle was presented in conjunction with two new Canyon electric bicycles: the Commuter:ON and Precede:On.

According to Canyon, this concept is the start of the company’s planned increased efforts in its “urban mobility’ section, and Canyon plans to unveil more urban-oriented bicycles in the future.

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