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The grumpy Bernie Sanders meme is the best one to come out of the inauguration


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A viral photo of Sen. Bernie Sanders has become the most magical meme of President Joe ’s inauguration ceremony. 

The image shows Sanders all bundled up looking cold and reserved — a typical City mood, especially in the winter.

At first, edited the photo into classic NYC scenes, and the results are hilarious. Now, Bernie has gone global, and even celebrities and brands like Ryan Reynolds and Schitt’s Creek are getting in on the fun.

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Bernie Sander’s inauguration photo is a classic NYC mood, and memes from the viral image prove it

An account run by Nicolas Heller posted three images of Sanders edited into New York City scenes. In the series, Sanders is seen sitting on a sidewalk, in a park, and on the subway. The caption credits another account, @naomiotsu, and reads “had to act fast on this one.”

One Twitter user had the same thought when posting the trio of images.

The same Instagrammer posted another edit of Sanders on the subway later on.


Another Twitter user posted Sanders at a chess table in Washington Square Park.

Here is Sanders at another notable NYC park, Tompkins.

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Another popular NYC Instagrammer posted images of Sanders sitting next to an NYC sidewalk vendor and in Union Square.


The meme went global as it moved beyond NYC hot spots and into other settings

But the memes quickly moved beyond NYC and into other iconic images, like “The Situation Room,” a photo from 2010 during the raid of Osama Bin Laden’s compound, as Insider previously reported.

Twitter sent Sanders as far as the moon.


Some users combined memes by adding Sanders to viral photos of the past, like this photo that was popular in 2017.

One user tweeted a picture with Sanders as the fly on Mike Pence’s head during the vice-presidential debate.

Even celebrities and brands got in on the action, editing Sanders into classic scenes

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, posted Sanders next to his iconic character in a recent Instagram post.

MTV edited Sanders into the crowd at the 2013 VMAs on Twitter.

The Daily Show posted Bernie behind Tom Hanks at the “Celebrating America” special.

Schitt’s Creek put Sanders in front of the show’s town hall in an Instagram post.


Bachelor Nation tweeted a picture of Sanders among all the female contestants on the show.

And another user replied with a relevant meme from Sanders’ past.


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